In addition to home inspections we proudly offer home watch services for those wanting to protect their investment while away. We offer three tiers in order for you to choose the best plan to fit your needs. Our levels of attention include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly inspections. Additional visits can be arranged per your request. We offer home watch services for single family homes, condominiums, villas, and estates.



  • We are Certified Home Inspectors so we are trained to recognize issues quickly and easily. Simply put, we know what to look for before it becomes a problem!

  • We perform our inspections on varying days and times instead of the same schedule every week/month. This deters criminals from learning our schedule and knowing when to strike.  

  • We are family-owned and operated so we treat your property as if it were our own taking great care of you and ensuring your investment is secure.



  • Check air conditioner 

  • Run water in all sinks, tubs, and showers

  • Flush toilets

  • Check condition of landscaping and monitor the responsibility of the property service vendor if applicable. 

  • Check for household pests and monitor the responsibility of the property service vendor if applicable.

  • Inspect interior walls and ceilings for visual mold, mildew, or water damage. 

  • Inspect exterior including sidewalks, lanais, decks, patios, siding, and garages. 

  • Check condition of pool, pool heater, and monitor the responsibility of the property service vendor if applicable. 

  • Run disposal 

  • Verify all doors and windows are locked and secured upon departure. 


Our Home watch Inspection summaries are sent via e-mail or fax the same day of inspection. This will not be the same day every week as we try to vary our schedules to deter criminals from learning when we arrive and depart. In the unfortunate event that there is a security problem, property damage or maintenance issue, we will contact you immediately and recommend a course of action. 


Our home watch inspections become active once a service agreement and first month’s payment has been received. All service plans run month to month, but may be prepaid in advance for the season.  We require a 30 day notice if you plan to terminate your service. Payments are due on the 1st day of every month that services are rendered. You will not be billed during the months that we aren’t requested to inspect your home.  Pro-rated billing is available if service agreement is signed for services beginning mid-month. The service agreement form will give you the option to pay in full or invoice monthly. Return checks are subject to a $30 fee. 


Our business hours are from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday EST.  There is an additional fee of $25.00 for any services rendered outside of normal working hours.  $50.00 additional for holidays.

Silver Plan

  • 1 (one) standard home check

  • Home inspection report emailed or faxed

  • Condos - $40

  • Homes (under 3500 sq. ft.) - $50

  • Estates (over 3500 sq. ft.) - $70


Gold Plan

  • 2 (two) standard home check

  • Home inspection report emailed or faxed

  • Condos - $60

  • Homes (under 3500 sq. ft.) - $80

  • Estates (over 3500 sq. ft.) - $120


Platinum Plan

  • 4 (four) standard home check

  • Home inspection report emailed or faxed

  • Condos - $100

  • Homes (under 3500 sq. ft.) - $120

  • Estates (over 3500 sq. ft.) - $150



Not only do we want to make sure your investment is protected while away but we also want to ensure a pleasurable experience for your family and guests when you visit your Florida home.  WE offer the concierge menu to make your visit as seamless and stress free as possible. With an al-la-cart menu you can personalize services to fit your needs.  These are services offered above and beyond those included in Standard Home Watch service plans:


  • Meet for deliveries - $35/hour
    (one hour minimum billed from time office is left)

  • Supervise contractors - $35/hour
    (one hour minimum billed from time office is left)

  • Open seasonal residence - $50

    • Adjust AC temperature

    • Turn on lights to prepare for evening entry

    • Turn on water heater

    • Close cabinets, closet doors, ect.

    • Turn on pool heater

  • Close seasonal residence - $50

    • Turn off water heater

    • Turn off pool heater

    • Open cabinets, closets, ect. to allow air circulation to combat mold. 

    • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and secured

    • Activate and check security system

    • Adjust AC to the most energy efficient temperature

  • Meet family members or friends $35/hour
    (one hour minimum billed from time office is left)

  • Post-storm report variable - call for quote

    • Visual inspection of interior and exterior 

    • Includes photo report documenting damage if any


Note: If a concierge service is requested, we require an authorized credit card and signature on file.  Charges will be billed on the day of service.  We ask that a minimum notice of 48 hours be given to book a service through the concierge.  

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