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What is Impact Resistant Hurricane Glass?

What is Impact Glass and how is it tested?

Impact Glass is manufactured to withstand flying debris during a major wind storm or hurricane. The double laminated panels extend deep into the window frame. This is what allows a window to hold up during an impact from fling debris.

The windows are tested and certified to with stand an impact from a 9 Lb 2x4 shot at them at 34-55 mph. This is the test shown in the video above. Having these types of windows protect your home from flying debris. The glass breaks but the window stays in the frame and water tight.

Windows of this type are required by some local building codes in hurricane prone areas of the country. There are also credits available through your insurance company for having all of your glazed (glass) openings protected. You'll need a Wind Mitigation Inspection preformed by a licensed home inspector to quality for the credits. One note is that ALL openings need to be protected in-order to receive credit. if you have 25 windows and only 24 have some type of certifiied hurricane protection you won't get credit. This includes skylights and glass block.

If you have questions regarding the credits please contact an insurance professional. If you'd like more information on the Wind Mitigation Inspection contact SWFL Home Inspections. In addition to impact resistant windows you my qualify for other credits based on type of structure, age of roof, shape of roof, and attachment of structural components.

Southwest Florida Home Inspections preforms all types of home inspections and testing for home buyers, owners, and builders. We service all of SW Florida including Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Sanibel and Marco Island. We hold all required state licenses including Home Inspector, Mold Assessor, and Radon Measurement Technician. We are fully insured for all services provided. We preform mold and radon testing in house additional more specialized tests are available and can be scheduled trough us with a professional specific to those tests such as lead based paint testing, Chinese drywall testing and WDO / Termite inspections. All inspections are conducted in a timely and professional manner with some reports available with in hours of completing the inspection. We are interNachi certified, IAQ2 Certified, NORMI Trained providing you with the knowledge and professionalism to minimize your risk of investment when purchasing a home, condo, or any other type of property in South west Florida.

Please Call, text or email us at 239-994-5810 or

We are here to help you through your inspection process and answer any questions you have before, during and after the inspection.

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