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The Importance of Testing for Mold

This video is a few years old, however still very relevant. It shows the importance of testing for mold and not just taking someone's word for it. Testing is the only way to determine if a substance is mold or not. In some cases testing is not needed before a remediation project. These cases are if large amounts of mold are found typically with a moisture problem.

Testing before remediation or if you suspect mold in your home is always a good idea this gives you more accurate information as to the source, locations and levels of mold in various rooms. These tests can cost anywhere between $200 and $2000 depending on your location, size of the home, effected areas, and types of testing completed.

In the State of Florida -Mold Assessors (testing companies) must remain independent from Mold Remediation Contractors (mold removal companies). It is possible to hold both licenses, but only one service can be preformed for hire on the same job. Most remediation companies use a 3rd parting company to preform the testing. This eliminates any conflict of interest and ultimately protects the consumer. Southwest Florida Home Inspections preforms this types of tests for both remediation companies as well as individuals in their homes or when purchasing a home.

PRV Testing is the testing post remediation, this is important to be sure that the mold has been reduced to a normalized level with in the treatment area before containment barriers are removed. If pre-testing was preformed likely post testing will be preformed in some of the same areas to be sure there was no cross contamination.

Some Insurance companies will request that pre or post testing be completed. Be sure that these tests are preformed by a licensed and reputable company. At Southwest Florida Home Inspections we welcomer the opportunity to answer any questions you have about testing and how it related to the remediation project. We are not able to give medical advise or diagnosis health problems related to mold or other environmental toxins.

Southwest Florida Home Inspections preforms all types of home inspections and testing for home buyers, owners, and builders. We service all of SW Florida including Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Sanibel and Marco Island. We hold all required state licenses including Home Inspector, Mold Assessor, and Radon Measurement Technician. We are fully insured for all services provided. We preform mold and radon testing in house additional more specialized tests are available and can be scheduled trough us with a professional specific to those tests such as lead based paint testing, Chinese drywall testing and WDO / Termite inspections. All inspections are conducted in a timely and professional manner with some reports available with in hours of completing the inspection. We are interNachi certified, IAQ2 Certified, NORMI Trained providing you with the knowledge and professionalism to minimize your risk of investment when purchasing a home, condo, or any other type of property in South west Florida.

Please Call, text or email us at 239-994-5810 or

We are here to help you through your inspection process and answer any questions you have before, during and after the inspection.

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